Window Tint

Over 20 years at our current Mesa location has allowed us to maintain a solid customer base and referral program. The window films we provide at A Better Tint and Accessories offer exceptional protection from damaging Ultraviolet rays. These rays in Arizona can ruin vehicle interiors in the first year. Our high performance Midnight films protect you and your vehicle from damage. These high performance films block both A and B rays from the light spectrum. Our high performance films are constructed with a sturdy metal-based material that can help hold shattered glass together during an accident. Another safety feature about our high performance films is its ability to reduce glare. Here in Arizona we have extreme glare from the sun when it rises and especially when the sun sets. With these high performance films you can enjoy a safer more comfortable drive. With trained professionals always installing your film you will not have any crackling or bubbling with your purchase from A Better Tint and Accessories. Our production system and highly trained staff allows us to give you wonderful workmanship along with the convenience of an efficient job well done. Give our company a chance to enhance your vehicle in many ways. Protect your investment and come choose from a large variety of shades and levels of quality from a basic tint to a high performance film! We offer a film for any of your tinting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes window film to bubble up?
A: The main cause of bubbling on window film is Adhesive failure. The cheaper films usually do not contain a metallized base to them, which allows them to be susceptible to harmful UV Rays. Most of the major films have now created adhesive systems to hold up under extreme conditions, harmful products of combustion.

Q: What type of films turn purple?
A: Usually dyed films are known for turning purple. Many of the films are made with a combination of blue and red dyes in order to achieve their charcoal color. Without a metal base, these dyed films begin to break down and the dyes form a purple shade to them. This is usually a sign that a film is wearing. This purpling affect can also occur in the fading of metalized films as well. Check with your Tint sales person for more details.

Q: Does the defroster affect the tint on the back window?
No, the film is not affected by the rear defroster. The film applies right over the rear defroster lines. The defroster will still work the same if not better. The thicker films work as an insulate to help the defroster lines heat the window especially metalized films.

Q: Does the tint go on the inside or the outside?
A: The film is always applied on the inside of the windows. During the installation process the tinter usually cuts and molds their patterns on the outside of the windows. This gives them the best chance for an accurate installation.